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Hijama @ Hijamah @ Cupping For Treatment of Sihr / DJin / Black Magic

Hijama therapy for the treatment of SihrThe jinn-screening and Islamic Medical Treatment exercises done by Usman Baloch from Pakistan.

In the last few months have brought some interesting aspects on the relationship between jinn infliction and mental health problems. To date several people with mental illness/mental health problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression have been tested positive to have jinn-affliction.

A post about some patients VICTIM by sihr BLACK MAGIC (jinn/ witchcraft) who were treated with hijama (cupping and honey therapy) after she was screened for djinn by USMAN Baloch .

Her parents says she was under the influence of witchcraft.“Based on our expertise, wecan confirm that somebodyactually cast the sihir on her,” said by many scholars here in lahore pakistan .- What condition did the patient suffer from, or what symptoms did the patient have?

First patient came to me was a female aged 19 years or 18, a college going girl. Her parent told me that she is too much frightened (khoof). When she came to me, she was sleepless for few nights, when she try to sleep she had nightmares and some time she would see a person with white dress and black face and big horns. She was not alone to see that, even her sisters and few other persons also saw that. Also She felt too much hot in herself (extreme heat in the body) and had loss of appetite.-

How long had the patient suffered with this condition?
She was suffering for one year or more with these symptoms, and even when she came to me she was not in her own home, rather she was at her aunts home for this reason that may be change of place will help but that could not help at all -

What did the treatment involve?
How many cups were applied per treatment and how many treatments were given?
About 9 or 10 cups I used in first treatment, and 3 treatments in total and in that week I did not allow her to go to college or home, she stayed at her uncle's home which was just few minutes walk from my clinic. She was advised to eat a very different diet, and sidr honey was only diet for the first few hours (or more then half of the first day of treatment).

Also I advised her to put two big woollen comble on her even she felt heat in herself but this was part of the treatment.Additionally with all this I read for her verses from the Quran appropiate for this thing and did "dum" on her also.-

What difference did the treatment make to the condition?Just after first treatment she slept like she was given some sleeping pills. She just woke up for prayer in the morning and then slept for another few hours like she slept over half of the day after sleeping the whole night, with no more fear and no more seeing of that ghost.In the next 24 hrs she was not feeling any more heat in herself, and after 3rd treatment in 4 days she was totally normal in sleeping, in eating like proper hunger and eating, and no more thirstyness like abnormal thirst .. and so on. She went back to home after that and so far she is going to college and home all is normal without any problems at all.or visit our website on www.cupping.wspicture gallery added
This article was posted to Dr Nik Omar from Osman Baloch. Mr Oman is one of our student from department of Islamic medicine, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia in 1990

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Rawatan Sihir Dengan Bekam.

Sebarang jenis sihir sama ada perbuatan dari Jin atau Syaitan boleh dirawat dengan Bekam. Rencana diatas dihantar oleh Mr Osman baloch dari Pakistan dimana beliau merawat orang yang terkena sihir dengan Bekam dan sembuh.
Kedengaran tidak logik, tetapi kalau diperhatikan dan dikaji dengan halusi, seni dan kaedah bekam ini, ianya adalah 'Sunnah Rasululullah SAW' dimana pernah Rasulullah SAW bersabda, " Bahawa ada 2 kebakian dalam perubatan iaitu minum madu dan berbekam"

Rasulullah SAW sendiri pernah diracun oleh seorang perempuan Yahudi dengan memasukkan racun kedalam gulai. Setelah makan, Rasulullah SAW terasa sakit perut dan hendak muntah, lalu wahyu turun, supaya Rasulullah SAW berbekam dan banginda berbekam, buang darah kotor dari badan dan banginda sembuh.

Itulah mujizatnya bekam.
Bekam yang diamalkan oleh Orang Islam, bukan sebarang bekam, bukan juga bekam China. tetapi Bekam Secara Islam iaitu Bekam Sunnah Rasul - Tibb Al Nabawi. Ingatlah bekam Islam adalah Wahyu Allah Subahawatala kepada Muahmmad SAW. Dan kita melakukan bekam kerana Sunnah Nabi.
Banyak Hikmah dalam bekam Sunnah, hanya Allah sahaja yang mengetahui.

Di Malaysia anda boleh cari bekam di atau

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